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  1. Basics
  2. Eraser Offset


The DRAW MODE lets you draw directly on the screen with your finger or compatible stylus. You can draw simple illustrations or write as if using a pen or highlighter and quickly change colors and line widths.

A configurable eraser is also available.

The drawing and/or writing then becomes part of the screen image which can be re-arranged using the SELECT MODE.

Tap the DRAW button (1) on the MAIN TOOLBAR as shown in the image on the left. The DRAW TOOLBAR (2) appears. Choose a pen type (pen, highlighter or eraser) by tapping one of the buttons in (3).

You can also quickly choose a pen color (4) and a pre-set line widths (5).

For more choices of colors and pen widths, tap the PEN SETTINGS button (6) where you can also adjust the eraser offset (see note below).

To roll up the DRAW TOOLBAR and hide the MAIN TOOLBAR tap (7)

When the MAIN TOOLBAR is hidden, you can restore it by tapping (8)

To hide all TOOLBARS and display the entire screen, tap (9).

Eraser Offset

When using the eraser tool (1), the eraser box (2) may be offset (3) from your finger as shown in the figure on the left. This allows you to see what you are erasing without your finger getting in the way.

Use the offset and eraser box size to give you fine control over THE eraser action an clean up in tight areas.

Adjust the offset and eraser size in SETTINGS (4)