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In SETTINGS, you can customize the app according to your personal preference.

Tap the SETTINGS button (1) to configure preferences. A pop-over (2) appears where you can make your changes.

  • Show stretch arrows. Set to OFF to hide the ARROWHEAD and DOT handles used to re-size and re-position the BOX when dragged.
  • Tint boxes Set to OFF to disable the red tint in the SELECT BOX when it contains a copy to be pasted.
  • File operations confirmation. Set to off if you want to disable the confirmation alert.
  • Writing left to right. Set to off for languages where you write right to left, in WRITE MODE.
  • Use HTML in email. Set to off to disable HTML in email.
  • Box heights. Optimal values listed, change as necessary to suit your work.
  • Number of trash files. Specify the number of files to be kept in the trash folder.
  • Background. Specify spacing between lines, dots and grids in the standard backgrounds, as well as an optional background file.


Closes this pop-over.
Restore from SETTINGS. Tap this button if you have made changes but wish to revert to the saved settings.
Restore from DEFAULTS. Tap this button if you have made changes but wish to revert to the recommended settings when first installed (factory settings).
Apply changes. If you have made changes, tap this button to apply those changes. The changes will be applied but not saved. Tap SAVE SETTINGS to save the changes.
Save settings. Save changes so that the new settings will be applied the next time the app is restarted.